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Various community groups and presentations

1992-present. Portfolio available..  

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1. Senior Companion Volunteer Program Q and A 2012   Guest Speaker: Pasco, WA

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2. Preventive Health for Women and their Families 2011 Philanthropic Educational Group of the Tri-Cities, WA

3. Restored Health by Choice and Mindful Loving Workshop 2007 with Henry Grayson PhD, NYC at Shalom Church, Richland

4. Q & A on Street Drugs, Smoking, Alcohol and Better Choices 2004 Guest MD: Boy Scouts of America, Tri-Cities WA

5. So What Matters When it Comes to Preventive Health? 2003 Guest speaker: Soroptimist Quarterly Meeting, Kennewick, WA

6. Science and Religion 2003 Guest Panelist: Shalom Church, Richland, WA

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7. An Entertaining Educational EveningDr. Merrifield & Friends 2003 GJERDE Auditorium, CBC Campus, Pasco

8. Healthy Lifestyle Choices 2002 Guest speaker: Boy Scouts of America, Richland, WA

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9. Making Better Choices to Balance Body/Mind/Spirit 2002 Lecture and Discussion:Shalom Church, Richland, WA

10. Restoring Health & Well-Being Using Integrated Medicine 2002 Invited Lecturer: Lunch 'n Learn Program,

Department of Energy, Federal Government, Richland, WA

11. Restoring Health & Well-Being Using Integrated Medicine 2002 Guest speaker: Haberling Financial Luncheon, Kennewick, WA

12. Creating Health at a Cellular Level 2002 Keynote speaker: Spencer Kinney Real Estate Quarterly Meeting, Kennewick, WA

13. Restoring Health & Well-Being using Integrated Medicine 2002 Lecture: Lunch 'n Learn, Two sessions, PNNL-Battelle, Richland, WA 

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14. Healthy Lifestyle Choices

2002 Guest speaker: Spencer Kinney Real Estate Women’s Luncheon, Richland, 

15. Choices for Good Health

2002 Guest speaker: Lunch 'n Learn Program, Tri-Cities Cancer Center, Kennewick, WA

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16. Creating Your Health Team

2000 Lecture and Discussion:
Massage Therapy School, Tri-Cities, WA

17. Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Working Mothers
1999 Lecture and Discussion: PNNL
Pacific Northwest National Labs, Richland, WA

18. Pearls of Wisdom in Women’s Care,
1999 Lecture and Discussion: Massage Association Monthly Meeting, Kennewick, WA

19. Taking Care of the Caregivers
1999 Lecture and Discussion: Public Health In-service presentation, Benton/Franklin Health District, Kennewick, WA

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20. Creating Health at a Cellular Level 1999 Lecture and Discussion: Columbia Basin Dental Hygienists Tri-Cities, WA

21. Children and HIV/AIDS 1997 Guest speaker: 

World Aids Day Interfaith Service Richland, WA

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22. Friends of Children's Literature 

1996 Lecture and Discussion: Neill Public Library, Pullman, WA

23. Take Time for Women: HIV/AIDS Care Workshop 

1995 Guest Speaker: Sponsored by the Washington State Women Children and Adolescent HIV/AIDS Task Force, Yakima, WA

24. A Compassionate Response: Helping People With HIV/AIDS

 K-House, 1994 Lecture and Discussion: Washington State University, Pullman, WA

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25. Sexuality, Faith and HIV/AIDS: Adult education 1994 Forum Leader: Trinity Lutheran, Pullman, WA

26. HIV and Sexuality 1994 Forum Leader: Women's Resource Center, Washington State University (WSU), Pullman WA

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27. AIDS Education through AIDS Committee of London, 1989-93 Lecture and Discussions: 

Presentations to School boards and Day Cares, London, Ontario

28. Infectious Diseases in Daycare Settings: Forum Leader 1992 Western Daycare Center University of Western Ontario, London

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