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1. BoulderFest 2007 International Integrative Medicine Conference 2007 Boulder, Colorado

Speaker: Bio-Identical Hormones in Clinical Practice. Menopausal Hormonal Status and Disruption of the Cortisol Pathway

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2. Colorado Functional Medicine Forum 2007 

2007 Boulder, Colorado

Speaker: Practical Safe Hormonal Replacement

3. Nutrient Expo 2005 International Conference by Crayon Research

2005 Boulder, Colorado

Speaker: Cost Effective Nutrients and Experience in Balancing

Cortisol Pathways for Optimal Clinical Outcomes

4. Conference: Mid Columbia Dental Hygienists Association

2003 Annual Meeting, Kennewick, WA

Speaker: Answering the Questions Women are Asking

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5. Regional Conference:

Expanding Your Horizons Yearly Workshop

1999-2001 Washington State University, Tri-Cities Campus

2003 Workshop Leader: Medicine as a Career

Serving the needs of Regional 6 – 8 Grade girls

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6. Symposium: ‘Endocrine Dynamics & Interrelationship’ 2000 Presenter: Recognizable Patterns of Endocrine Dysfunction

Multimodality Approaches to Treatment DIAGNOS-TECHS Clinical and Research Lab, Seattle, WA

7. Middlesex Board of Education Annual Conference: Keynote speaker 1993 HIV/AIDS, Where Are We Now? London, Canada

8. AIDS Education in Schools: Keynote speaker AIDS Awareness Week 1992 

AIDS Committee of Niagara and the Hamilton Board of Education

9. Surviving your Sexuality: Keynote speaker 1992 Youth gathering bi-annual convention, Eastern Canada Synod

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada, Quebec, Canada

10. HIV/AIDS Education in Rural Communities: Keynote speaker 

1992 Public Health Department Annual Meeting, Mitchell, Ontario

11. Healthy Choices: Keynote speaker 1992 Graduating Ceremonies, Girl Guides of Canada, London, Canada 

12. Compassion and Education, HIV/AIDS: Keynote speaker 

1991 Eastern Synod Evangelical Lutheran Church Women, London, Canada

13. Sexuality in the 90's 1989-91 Interactive Forum: University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

14. Conference: Institute of Human Sexuality 1990 National Annual Conference, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Presenter: Talking with Children about Sex, HIV and AIDS

15. Canadian Association of Colleges and University Student Services 1988 National Annual Conference, London, Ontario,      Canada Presenter and Panel Member: Eating Disorders in College Students

16. Symposium: Women's Issues Commission 1988 University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada

Panel Presenter: Professions for Women–Choices

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