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We are near the base of Candy and Little Badger Mountains off Dallas Rd in the SouthWest area Tri-Cities in Washington state.

NOTE: Dallas Road is the south extension of Bombing Range Rd. It changes name at the Kennedy Road roundabout north of us.

RAU LANE street sign is being replaced. If it is not up yet, look for the big white boulders at the street entrance labeled RAU LANE.

If you are coming from the North, East or West use Highway I-182 and take the Queensgate South exit, turn right at Keene, then left again (south) on Dallas at the Conoco Gas Station.

• If you are coming from the South take Highway I-82 turning right at the Dallas Road exit heading north until you see large white boulders marking Rau Lane (east off Dallas). There's a small vineyard on the west side of Dallas opposite the Rau Lane entrance. 

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4960 RAU LANE is the first acreage on the left. 

Please park via the SECOND driveway on the left.

Posted speed limit is 10 MPH.

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