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UPDATES for Patients

Dr. Merrifield has practiced Functional, Integrated, Restorative Medicine in Richland WA since 1997. She is an Out of Network Provider, cash practice,  since 2009.  She has helped get reimbursement from your insurance carrier according to your plan.

Dr. Merrifield’s mission has utilized her decades of skill, enhanced training, and experience to create a personalized, precise, trackable, science-based, health plans for each patient. As of March 1, 2022 she is splitting her time writing, research and seeing some well established patients for specific reasons. She will be doing prolotherapy and select consults. The clinic will be open full time and Tammy will be the liaison to Dr Merrifield.  Hair and Skin restoration will be available as well as the nutrient store.

All patients will need a separate Primary Care Physician/Provider to be part of their core Health Care Team. 

This provides a cost saving to each patient by using an insurance covered provider for:

  • Dexa scans
  • Colonoscopies
  • Labs
  • Routine prescriptions from local pharmacies
  • Referrals to specialists/Physical therapy if your insurance requires an In-Network provider
  • Annual Health Exams/Paps/Mammograms


Please bring copies of your visits, lab tests, referrals, imaging, etc. from providers you have seen to your appointment for your primary care provider and to any visit you have with Dr. Merrifield. 


  • Gut Microbiome, Infection, Food Sensitivity and Neurotransmitter Testing
  • BHRT Hormonal and Adrenal testing ( Dose Naltrexone ( and youtube: “LDN Story”)
  • Prolo-therapy for pain, with or without PRP
  • Non-traumatic Skin Rejuvenation, including the use of PRP
  • Optimal Nutrition: based on specific patient needs and testing such as alkaline, Keto, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, etc.
  • Vetted and Recommended Nutrients ( MyNutrients eStores)
  • Calcium Artery Scan Referrals with extended Labs e.g. Boston Heart
  • BrainSpan Cellular Health (
  • Thermograms to augment Mammograms

Q. Dr M, What can I do NOW?

1: Self-education: Read through Dr M’s website:

  • Decrease refined/processed foods, sugars, soda and modern grains. If it does not grow mold or bacteria, it has little life force.  Ie donuts, pop, french fries, candy,  ...

2: Read about the BrainSpan test at as this is a baseline test for optimal health.  

     It will give you CLEAR guidelines as how to markedly improve your health. test

  • “What is the BrainSpan test & the Importance of Testing the cell membranes for essential fatty acids.”

3: A new cost/time effective option is now available for those who wish specific testing. 

  • This will allow information to be gathered and shared without a longer in depth appointment. You will be given the professional pricing of the tests which means the cost savings to you is optimal. You may use your insurance or HSA plan to cover the cost. 
    • Brainspan ($149) BrainSpan is a unique Test. it measures specific RBC

      3 fatty acid blood makers in the membranes of the cells,( much like a HBAic test for diabetes), 4 cognitive functional metrics, and a 10 page custom/personalized report. This is BASE test for all. Dementia, Inflammation, pain, ADHD, Heart....

    • Adrenal ($150), Hormone for men and women ($150)
    • Galleri ($949)  The Galleri multi-cancer early detection test detects more than 50 types of cancer, many of which are not commonly screened for today.  With a simple blood draw, the Galleri test provides early detection insights that help you be proactive about your health. This can then be shared with you primary care provider or health care team for followup.
    • Calcium Artery Scan Referrals with extended Labs e.g. Boston Heart for genetic risk markers This can be ordered through your primary care provider
  • You will be asked to email us specific information re your history, diet, meds and nutrients taken.
  • Dr Merrifield will review and suggest which test would be the most cost effective for you.  
  • You will be given her assessment and  recommendation.
  • You will be given a kit to do at home or come in for a blood draw.
  • A set of Chart tabs (a $10 value) to organize your medical records.
  • The fee for her time and expertise for review of your records and assessment will be $200 paid in advance.
  • If you decide to proceed with testing, Dr Merrifield will review and recommend a plan  The cost for this will be will be $200.

4: Enroll in the discounted and vetted MyNutrients e-Stores on the website

  • Explore the options of the discounted, professionally formulated high quality nutrients used in the practice plus more
  •   Xymogen/WholeScripts and  Designs for Health and are Dr Merrifield’s top tier nutraceutical houses
  • You can cost-compare at our ‘warehouse’ stores Wellevate, Fullscript and WholeScripts.
  • It is easy to sign up with your email address and a password

5: Read up on some of the websites that we use for testing

6: Read through the website

  • An optimal time and cost efficient exercise/strength plan for all ages
Here is a list of labs and screens that Dr Merrifield feels important to have in your possesion
    • Note: Your primary care can order them
    • BASIC LABS: CBC, Chem panel, CRP-HS, Fibrinogen, LPa, Fasting Lipids
    • THYROID: fT3, fT4, TSH and anti-thyroid antibodies if you have not had them
    • Annual Health Exam summaries
    • Any consultants summary notes from referrals
    • Colonoscopies, mammograms, DEXA bone scans, EKG, as age appropriate
    • Any specialty tests for hormones, adrenal, gut, heart….
    • A list of prescription and over the counter meds and how often you take them
    • A food and drink week long diary with times and amount. If you are an emotional eater then add what emotions were associated with eating.

Q. How do I know if  this approach is right for me?

 If the answer is “YES” to the following questions this model will likely be a good fit.

Yes___No___ Do you feel at risk for sub-optimal health now or have a future concern? Make a personalized list of what you want to change or mitigate: fatigue, pain, hormonal imbalance, heart/stroke, dementia, nerve conditions, thin hair, etc

 Yes___No___ Do you have health insurance and/or long term care coverage? Up to 85 percent of all chronic disease is preventable through lifestyle changes and appropriate testing now. Dementia care is currently costs $7-10,000/month

Yes___No___ Do you have the resources to pay for integrative medical tests/data and group or individual visits? (Insurance may or not pay for part or all of the visits). Dr. Merrifield gives you her physician cost on tests. She also gives a Medicare discount.

Yes___No___ Do you have support from your family, community, friends, etc., to make meaningful life-style changes?

Yes___No___ Do you believe if you have this information/data and support to make changes, your life and health will be better?

Yes___No___ Do you have a Primary Care provider who can help gather basic data and be part of your team?


Integrative medicine may challenge your old beliefs at many levels. The testing will uncover information that you may not have had before. It is a challenge, but also an opportunity. Only YOU can decide whether to embark on this journey to well-being. We are here, as part of your health team, to help in your quest for a better quality of life.

Beliefs are based on up-bringing and culture. Your thinking has got you to this point in your life. By ‘watching’ or being aware of your thoughts and perceptions, you can choose differently, choosing an alternate path. Beliefs govern thoughts and perceptions, which lead to actions and outcomes that reinforce those beliefs.


Dr. Merrifield has been studying this type of medicine and care for over two decades. She looks at each person as their own multilayer, “3-D puzzle”. She will invest her time, skills, knowledge, experience and recommendations to the extent that you are willing to invest your time, resources and follow-through to recover your health and decrease risk as you age.

In general, it takes 4 years to create a new physical body. Your body transforms from a newborn, to a 4-year old toddler, to an 8-year old child, to a preadolescent, to a teenager and will continue as you age and take the “hits of life”.

This approach mandates a meaningful lifestyle commitment and is not a quick fix program. While many experience positive health benefits within weeks of incorporating these new principles, you are making a commitment to a better Life via lifelong changes.You can see results within weeks depending on the severity and chronicity of your health issues. Most start to see positive effects in the first 3-6 months. We ask that you choose to commit to a minimum of six months, then recommit in six month blocks up to 48 months and beyond. You are getting a Phd In YOU!